In a society where nearly everything is throwaway, it’s rare we find something we can keep for life. However, quality hip flasks are a gift you or a loved one can treasure forever.

Hip flasks have been keeping alcoholic beverages cold and on hand for centuries. They come in all sizes and materials, they’re functional and beautiful. Plus, despite ringing in at a very reasonable price, they’re the perfect heirloom to hand down through the family.

Hip flasks have been around since the 18th century. Although today, they’re more likely to be made from metal rather than leather. But their curved design still remains to let you easily and comfortably carry it around in your pocket. Fair to say, a well-made hip flask remains an indispensable accessory and makes the perfect countryside companion.


Why a hip flask you ask?

It’s a classy, non-intrusive way to enjoy a drink on the go. It’s always handy to have a bit of your favourite liquor on hand whilst on a shoot, out for a ride or simply taking in the english countryside air.

Luxury hip flasks, such as the 4oz Hip Flask Burgundy Nile Croc, gently shift shape and texture through repeat usage. This makes each one personal to its owner. That’s why choosing a hip flask, whether for yourself or as a gift, takes careful consideration. How will the flask be used? As an occasional provider of a warming tipple on a cold winters hunt?

Or perhaps to help with those daily stable muck outs? No matter what the occasion, all of our hip flasks at Luxury Leather Gifts are built to last, designed to look good and perfect for enjoying your favourite beverage.


Quality Hip Flasks Made in England

When it comes to hip flasks, it can be surprisingly hard to find one made from quality materials such as stainless steel. Poor quality materials can not only taint your drink but they can be unsafe for regular use. Our Marlborough of England flasks are made right here in the UK and are still Handmade in the Walsall workshop, home of the Leather Industry.



Luxury Leather Gifts

Few retailers have such an impressive line-up of hip flasks as Luxury Leather Gifts. Our flasks are durable, safe, and completely free from toxins with a range that should suit most tastes and styles. Whether it’s for yourself or as a gift we have a hip flask to suit every personality and occasion.