Chestnut Leather Thermos Flask and Carry Case


Chestnut Leather Thermos Flask and Carry Case


Chestnut Leather Thermos Flask and Carry Case is the perfect vessel for keeping soups and drinks at the perfect temperature during all your outdoor pursuits.  The Chestnut Leather Thermos flask is bound in the finest leather offering you years of enjoyment. The carry case boasts a shoulder strap with brass buckle, or strong leather handle for hand carrying.

Capacity: 500ml (0.5) litre

Dimensions: 270mm (H) x 85mm (W) approx

About the Manufacturer – Marlborough of England

Luxury leather and quality country goods are Marlborough of England’s specialty.  Each luxury leather product is unique in every way, from the raw materials to the skills of the crafts person. Marlborough of England blends modern and classic designs with traditional leather crafting skills passed down generations.  The products are quintessentially and unashamedly British. No two pieces are the same.

Marlborough of England is exclusive, yet achievable, and has a longstanding ethos to produce luxury leather goods handmade in England.  The luxury handmade goods offer unrivaled quality and are never compromised.

Marlborough of England represents the history of quality British leather goods at their most luxurious, offering an array of quality gifts for the shrewd customer..  The range of quality leather goods include leather satchels, weekend bags, military wet packs, cartridge bags, gun slips and Game Bags, to name a few.

Based in the heart of England, Marlborough of England’s workshop, is famous for being the last stainless steel volume English hip flask manufacturer.  All of the hip flasks are are handmade and offer a lifetime guarantee.

All products are marked with the elegant and distinctive MW logo and arrive beautifully packaged, ensuring a quality shopping experience.

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