It goes without saying that every hunter needs a hip flask. Just as Ant needs Dec and Tom needs Jerry, a hunter needs a stowaway stash of their favourite tipple. Hip flasks and hunting have become a tradition.


The Reason Why Hunters Need a Hip Flask?

We live in a beautiful country with some of the most enviable landscapes in the world. However, warm days are very few and far between. So on long, cold and dark winter days during a hunt, a sip or two of your favourite tipple is exactly what the soul needs. And on those rare, sunny days, it’s the perfect little pick-me-up. Of course, if you wish you can use thermos flasks filled with hot tea or coffee.


The History of Hip Flasks

Hip Flasks seem to have first appeared in Georgian times and became very popular in the Victorian era. Previously, flasks were made from glass or leather. Similarly to today, they were flat on one side and rounded on the other. However, they often had rings at the base of the neck through which a chain, rope or leather thong could be threaded through. This allowed the flask to be worn around the body or hung from a saddle.

Move forward to the1800’s, hip flasks were not only made from glass but also made in solid silver too. Unlike other materials, a solid silver hip flask will not impart a metallic taste to the contents. In fact, many people believe that their drink tastes better due to the well-known cleansing properties of silver that ionizes liquids. Often they had a slide off base that could be used as a tumbler substitute. Whilst some had a screw on cap that could be used as a single measure shot.

Before the days of ladies hunting, a gentleman would require his hip flask to be filled with his favourite tipple to keep him warm while hunting, fishing or shooting. Our 10 oz Hunter Flask Burgundy with cups is perfect for sharing a toast whilst our 4 oz ladies pink leather slimline hip flask is ideal for slipping inside your jacket pocket. Made from stainless steel and luxurious leather they will also stand the test of time.


Hip Flasks and Hunting | Not Just a Drunkard’s Accessory

Don’t be fooled into believing that hip flasks are a drunkard’s accessory. Most hip flasks only contain the equivalent of four or five pub measures of a spirit. Thus, making it difficult to get intoxicated on the contents of the hip flask. Also, if you don’t like neat spirits, you can always substitute the traditional contents of whiskey or brandy for Sloe Gin, or Port. There’s no written rule on what you have so fill your boots on whatever tickles your fancy.


Our hip flasks are made in beautiful and unique designs. They are hand-made to the highest standard using only the best quality materials, like our luxury leather. Our funnels are also extremely useful for making sure you don’t spill your drink whilst filling up your flask. Not only do you not want to waste your favourite tipple, but you don’t want to mark your most important hunting accessory.



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