Here at Luxury Leather Gifts, we believe that the countryside is at the heart of English life and culture. A place that is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also relaxing and nurturing. Britain is full to the brim with history, which can often be overlooked when living in the city. The countryside is a place of historic sites, memorials, monuments, protected areas, pretty villages, and English pubs with beer gardens – what some might say are the best part! Cast all that aside and there’s all the amazing activities that only country life can cater for; horse riding, shooting, bird watching, picnics, the list could go on.

Despite all of the above Britain is an urban country. In fact, about four fifths of the UK population lives in cities and towns. Of course city life has its advantages, but lets take a look at the benefits of country life.


Key Benefits of Country Life:

Closer to Nature

It goes without saying that you feel closer to nature when in the country. Country life means being woken up by birds not traffic and slowing down for pheasants crossing the road not people. The countryside has a soothing effect on the mind and soul. Nature is literally on your doorstep for you to embrace and enjoy. Each season bringing with it different wonders, whether it’s plants, trees or animals.


No matter what time of day, there are no escaping people when you live in a city. In the country, people have no problems with privacy or constant noise from the traffic. Instead you can enjoy the gentle tones of Mother Nature. In fact, you do not have to see anyone if you do not want to!

Open Space

Cities tend to lack open space and greenery. Because of this, what green space they do have is very populated which can defeat the point of it. Big open space affords you room for activities, whether it’s cycling, football, tennis, picnics, climbing trees, you name it and the country can accommodate it. Country life is especially great for children; it also gives a great sense of freedom.

Clean Air

Due to having distinctly fewer cars and traffic in general, countryside air is much fresher and better for you. No car pollution, noise pollution, or any pollution! Clean air is without a doubt one of the main advantages of country life over city living.

Friendly People

In the country, everyone knows everyone and people say ‘good morning’. It’s amazing how much better a smile and hello can make you feel, even from a stranger. Communities in the country are much smaller but they are more connected and open. People in the country are very friendly, welcoming and helpful.


All in all the countryside offers a slower, less stressful way of life. Don’t get me wrong, cities have their advantages too but there’s something very special about the British countryside!

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