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Hip Flasks: The Perfect Countryside Companion

In a society where nearly everything is throwaway, it’s rare we find something we can keep for life. However, quality hip flasks are a gift you or a loved one can treasure forever. Hip flasks have been keeping alcoholic beverages cold and on hand for centuries. They...

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How To Choose The Perfect Luxury Leather Bags

Every Birthday, Mother’s day or Christmas sons, daughters, lovers, friends and parents all have to face the same old problem: finding a present that’s beautiful, useful, original and, if possible, not too expensive. Or, maybe you’ve decided it’s time to treat yourself...

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How to Pack the Perfect Picnic

One of the great joys of summer is having a picnic in the countryside. Location is paramount, with parks, riversides and hilltops all providing glorious picnicking opportunities. Pack up your favourite food, call up the people you love the most and take them to a...

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Advantages of Country Life Over City Living

Here at Luxury Leather Gifts, we believe that the countryside is at the heart of English life and culture. A place that is not only breathtakingly beautiful, but also relaxing and nurturing. Britain is full to the brim with history, which can often be overlooked when...

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Beginner’s Guide to Clay Pigeon Shooting

As with every sport, or most things in life for that matter. Your first exposure to it is the most important. Clay pigeon shooting is no exception. Bad habits can be learned very quickly, so good initial instruction will pay dividends in the long run and will ensure...

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A Basic Guide to Leather Luxury Bags

A Brief History of Luxury BagsBags have been a necessary accessory for centuries. Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs depict men wearing purses around their waists and in the Middle Ages, girdle pouches were a symbol of status. But it was the development of the railroad that...

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Top 5 Tips for the Perfect Workspace

An unattractive workspace is not something that inspires productivity before starting a task. A desk, either bare or cluttered, is not aesthetically pleasing and will not encourage you to occupy it; especially on a Monday morning. When you organise your workspace,...

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