AIM Internet Ltd

AIM InternetAIM Internet are an internet marketing company that has been establised for over 20 years. We’ve worked with hundreds of clients over that time, helping them to make the most of their online presence. Personalised Gifts is one of several retail projects that AIM have become involved with.

This site offers a wide range of personalised books, calendars and diaries, ideal for all occasions. From newspaper books to sport books and even recipe books, we’re sure there is something for everyone.

If you have any questions regarding the shop or the products please contact us. Or if you’d like more information on how AIM could help you get your products online please call Sarah on 0870 062 8760.

Marlborough of England

Large Jewellery BoxMarlborough of England have a long history of hand crafting luxury leather gifts for the friends and loved ones in your life, for every occasion and for all seasons. Here at Luxury Leather Gifts we are honoured to be able to bring these luxury leather gifts to you.
Our artisanal luxury leather gifts are timeless British classics for men and women who want high quality, hard wearing leather items at an affordable price.

For the ladies, our luxury leather gifts include hand and shoulder bags in a range of styles and sizes. From weekend and bucket bags to helmet and urban safari bags, each of these items comes in a range of colours and are lined with silk. Each item bears the MW logo.
Every single luxury bag we make is unique. It’s final look depends on the raw materials used and the individual craftsperson who makes it. Guaranteed exclusivity that is personal to you.

Our country living products are luxury leather gifts for both men and women and reflect the traditions of British country pursuits. These items include stirrups, travel wallets, gun slips and game bags, and are designed to be stylish as well as robust.

No shooting party is complete without a Marlborough of England hand crafted hip flask. Although traditionally made of pewter, silver or even glass, these modern day hip flasks are produced from high quality stainless steel. They are then covered in leather in a range of styles to ensure they are hard wearing and durable.

All of our luxury leather gifts are built to last. Tough and tactile, as with all high quality, artisanal leather, these design classics become more stylish with age – the older they become, the more you’ll want to use them. And with quality stitching, our luxury leather gifts will not fall apart after a few months. Indeed, they become possessions treasured by their owners for years.

Tan Leather Business Card HolderMarlborough of England have a longstanding connection with hand crafting the finest luxury leather gifts in their workshop in Walsall. The black country town itself is synonymous with leather and has been the centre of the leather industry for more than 200 years – even the local football team is known as ‘the Saddlers’.

From their Walsall workshop, they are continuing the long standing tradition of producing quality luxury leather gifts for British people and aspiring anglophiles overseas.